AI and the Transformation of Self-studying

Born out of the frustrations of solitude necessitated by frequent lockdowns, a greater focus on improvement of the self through the booming online learning industry has emerged. Forbes estimated that even before the outbreak, the online education market is forecasted to reach $350 Billion by 2025, with the current situation prompting significant growth.

Personalizing, Self-supervising and Data-utilizing: How AI is Shaking Up the Classroom

Recently, we published an article focusing on how an intrinsic knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is critical to the technologically integrated world of tomorrow and aiming to help people understand what makes the technology special. However, what is talked of less is how this technology can be utilized to improve education within an often stagnated classroom environment: not simply furthering learning about AI, but furthering learning by applying AI.

all AI wants for X'mas

All AI Want for Christmas

The lead-up to Christmas is a beautiful time of year (well, dependent on your tolerance for festive jingles). It’s critical to the magic that festive feelings can still be stirred no matter how trying the times.

Face Mask Recognition with Python and Arduino

In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to train VIA Pixetto to recognize whether a mask is being worn or not. Next, we will connect the VIA Pixetto to an Arduino development board and program it to sound an alarm when a person without a mask is detected.

Face Detection Warning Light with Arduino and Scratch

For this project, we will show you how to make a warning light using VIA Pixetto vision sensor, an LED light, and an Arduino board. With the help of AI technology, the finished face detection warning light will flash when the vision sensor detects a face.