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Learn How to Program a Color Controlled Driverless Car

In this post we will show you how to use VIA Pixetto and an Arduino board to control a driverless car using color recognition. The guide will involve four steps: connecting VIA Pixetto to a PC, configuring VIA Pixetto and connecting it to an Arduino board , programming VIA Pixetto with blocks, and uploading the code to the Arduino board on the driverless car.

Taiwan’s Pursuit of AI Education, Past to Present

Taiwan has long been a key hub for high-tech hardware, and in the past decade or so, for software as well. Government support for hardware industries and research, in addition to fostering a highly tech-centric culture, has allowed Taiwan to develop a tight-knit technological infrastructure. As a result, Taiwan has been able to cultivate generations of tech-savvy talent fresh out of universities.
educating Future AI Talent

VIA Pixetto: Educating Future AI Talent

On May 15th, VIA visited Taipei Municipal Renai Junior High School to participate in a one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence educational event. Marking the middle school’s 8th lesson in a 24 course Intergenerational AI Learning Online Program series run by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, the event was a culmination of the past year-and-a-half of teamwork between Renai Junior High School and VIA.

Parrot Chasing Ball: Learn How to Code with Blocks

Parrot Chasing Ball is a mini-program that instructs a parrot to chase a ball according to the color detected by VIA Pixetto vision sensor. If VIA Pixetto detects the color red, the parrot chases the red ball. If the color yellow is detected, the parrot will chase the yellow ball. It's a fun and easy way to introduce color recognition in a fun and graphical way.